Sahara Smoke – 17″ Sand Blasted Skin Hookah

Product Name:17" Sand Blasted Skin Hookah,
Brand:Sahara Smoke
Number of hoses:2
Sahara Smoke – 17″ Sand Blasted Skin Hookah

About the product

  • Total Height (from glass base to top of bowl): 17″
  • Hand blown glass base
  • Stainless steel shaft with ultra wide tubing, colors may vary
  • 74″ Washable velvet rope hose – Vortex bowl – Stainless steel Khanjar tongs – Ashtray
  • Up to 2 hose adaptable – Requires Sahara Smoke hose adapters

Product Information

This advanced hookah is very attractive and it has a mid-range price tag. Its height is seventeen inches, so it’s a bit taller than some other models on our list. The glass base of this hookah is hand-blown and it’s really beautiful. As well, this unit features a shaft made from stainless steel which features extra-wide tubing. The velvet rope which comes with this model is seventy-four inches in length. You may adapt this hookah for a second hose, so it’s quite versatile. However, you’ll need to buy hose adapters from Sahara Smoke in order to add hoses.

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