Pharaoh’s glass hookah Queen B – 20″ All Glass Hookah

Product Name:20" All Glass Hookah Pipe Set
Brand:Pharaoh's Queen B
Number of hoses:1

About Pharaoh glass hookah

  • Total Height: 20″
  • All glass construction – Glass on glass connections
  • Built in honeycomb filter inside base for superior filtration
  • Egyptian design carrying case – 78″ Washable silicone hose with glass tip and metal handle
  • High-quality craftsmanship

Product Information

If you care about quality and don’t mind paying more for an elite all glass hookah which will look amazing and allow you to enjoy smooth taste every day and night, you’ll love this hookah from Pharoah’s Queen. This brand is established and its “Queen B” hookah has a total height of twenty inches, as well as gorgeous, all-glass construction. Even the connections are made from glass. This unit has a filter inside of its base which is a honeycomb style. The filter is built-in and it contributes to great taste. As well, this unit comes with a carry case in the Egyptian style, as well as a seventy-eight-inch hose made from easy-care silicone. Choose Pharaoh glass hookah if you demand high-quality products!

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