MIDNIGHT CHILL – Hookah 22″ 4 Hose

Product Name:Hookah 22" 4 Hose
Number of hoses:4

About the product

  • 22″ Pro Quality 4-Hose Hookah Shisha Nargila with Silver Colored Stem Design
  • 4 Washable 73″ Washable Hookah Lounge Hoses with Laser Cut Mouthpieces
  • 1 Wind Covered Bowl and Charcoal Screen
  • 1 Pair of Metal Tongs with Poking Stick
  • In Black color

Product Information

This 4 hose hookah is ideal for group sessions and it looks great, too, thanks to its black and silvertone finish. This unit measures twenty-two inches in height and it has four hoses, so you’ll be able to share your shisha experience with others, without needing to share your own hose. The lounge hoses included with this hookah are seventy-three inches in length and they feature mouthpieces which are laser-cut. The hoses are washable, so this hookah is definitely easy-care. When you order, you’ll receive a bowl with a wind covering, a screen for charcoal and one pair of tongs (metal) with a poking stick.

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