Al Fakher Glass Hookah 14″ (Clear)

Product Name:Al Fakher Glass Hookah 14"
Brand:Al Fakher
Number of hoses:1
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About the product

  • All Glass Hookah Parts
  • Includes Locking Foam-Lined Case
  • Two Glass Bowl
  • Perfect for Home or For Travel and Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, Clean and Store Away


Al fakher glass hookah Information

This “editor choice glass hookah” from respected hookah manufacturer, Al Fakher, is a high-end model which provides exceptional performance and style. It’s stunning, thanks to its clear glass finish (other colors of glass are available, so choose clear or a brighter shade) and it has all of the right features. Those who want hookah sets of higher caliber should definitely add this make and model to their short list. This hookah measures fourteen inches in height. It’s a compact design which looks amazing and provides plenty of shisha smoking pleasure.

Easy to assemble and pack away, it offers smooth taste and it’s made from genuine glass. When you order, you’ll receive a second glass charcoal screen at no extra charge, as well as an extra tray. This Al fakher glass hookah is one of the best hookahs that one can buy!

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