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Mya Saray History

Mya Hookah or Mya Saray are stylish hookahs that are considered by many to be one of the top hookah brands in the world. Mya Saray pipes are constructed of high-quality metal and glass. These hookahs are top quality and offer the “auto-seal” system.

The company has been manufacturing hookahs for over than 40 years and is set as an authority when it comes to hookahs. The guys there really know their thing. You will agree with us once you get in your hands one Mya Saray hookah. You will really be amazed by the level of quality and detail that these hookahs have.

Mya Hookah Flexibility

The products of Mya Saray come with multiple options. You get to choose from single hose to multiple hose hookah. Mya Hookah produces pipers with 1 up to 4 hoses. The flexibility in the configurations makes Mya Sara versatile.

One of the best supplier to get your Mya Hookah is These guys offer a huge number of options and can cover the most demanding buyer.

Best Mya Saray Hookahs 2019

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
MYA Hookah Set Qt 14" Includes 10 Coals 50 Hookah Tips by VeeBoost (Pink)
  • WHOLE HOOKAH SET: Thick Glass Hookah Base, Chrome / Stainless Steel Stem, Tobacco Burner, Matching Leather Hose, Chrome Plate and Tongs
  • UPGRADED HOOKAH: This hookah can be upgraded to a 2 hose version with the use of a large Mya hose adapter. By removing the purge valve and replacing it with an adapter, your hookah will be able to be used by two people at the same time.
  • PORTABLE HOOKAH: Includes a Wire Cage Perfect for Home or for Travel. Big Cloud, Pulls beautifully. Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, Clean, & Store Away - Perfect for Home or for Travel
Bestseller No. 3
  • What's Included: glass vase, stainless steel stem, solid color hose with wooden handles, porcelain bowl, coal tray, 1 hose rubber, 1 bowl rubber, and 1 glass rubber, and a stainless steel cage
  • Specifications: 14 inches tall, 6 inches in width, hose is 6 feet (72 inches) long, weighs in at just around 4 pounds
  • Durable: This MYA Single Hose Hookah is incredibly durable and heavy-duty, coming with a stainless steel cage for easy handling and protection.
Bestseller No. 4
Hookah Set 14” Qt Blue
  • The Econo QT is a 14" Tall Portable Modern Hookah by Mya Saray
  • This shisha pipe has a glass vase (Blue Hookah)
  • These hookah pipes are available in various colors
Bestseller No. 5
14" 1 Hose MYA QT Sky Blue Hookah with Carrying cage and Free Charcoal
  • Famous MYA Saray Hookah pipe glass
  • Hose, bowl, and tongs with carrying proteced black cage incldued
  • Sky Blue is to be able to see water level
Bestseller No. 6
Mya Saray Econo Qt 2 Hose Hookah - Green
  • Mya Saray Econo QT 2 hose hookah!
  • Green base, tongs, 2 - 6' Mya washable hoses and retail box
  • Top quality authentic Mya hookah with all accessories
Bestseller No. 7
Econo Mya Gelato (1 hose) Hookah Olive Green
  • Brand new mya gelato 1 hose hookah Dark blue
  • The "Econo"-Mya Gelato comes with a 6-foot long Mya hose, tray, matching porcelain bowl, and all the necessary grommets to ensure an air-tight seal. This hookah also has the option of adding a 2nd hose with the Mya Hose Adapter.
  • The Econo Mya Gelato is a truly remarkable Hookah that resembles the shape of an ice cream cone with its unique style glass vase
Bestseller No. 8
Mya Saray The Petite Mya 8" Single Hose Hookah (Amber)
  • Single Hose Hookah
  • 8" Tall, Glass Vase
  • Included Accessories: Premium Hookah Tongs, Porcelain Bowl, Rubber Grommets, 74" Washable Hose (Solid Matching Color), Retail Style Box, Setup Instructions
Bestseller No. 9
Mya Saray Petite Hookah (Green)
  • Total height (from glass base to top of bowl): 8"
  • Adaptable up to two hoses
  • High quality craftsmanship
Bestseller No. 10
MYA Petit 9" Hookah Shisha Set Single Hose Durable Long Lasting Smooth Smoke (Pink)
  • What's Included: glass vase, stainless steel stem, solid color hose with wooden handles, porcelain bowl, coal tray, 1 hose rubber, 1 bowl rubber, and 1 glass rubber
  • Specifications: 9 inches tall, 5.5 inches in width, hose is 5 feet (60 inches) long, weighs in at just around 2 pounds
  • Durable: This MYA Single Hose Hookah is incredibly durable and heavy-duty due to its heavy and fortified parts.

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2020 Brand overview

Their products are worldwide known as premium Acrylic and Bohemia hookahs. Their parts combine traditional elements with exotic elements. This mindset and design protocol make the hookahs to be really unique. Apart from the design, when you smoke one of the Mya Saray hookahs you will really be amazed by the level of quality and perfection that these hookahs offer. Their beauty is not only in seeing them but also when smoking them.

As we already discussed, these pipes come in a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes, and hoses. Whatever your demands are, Mya hookahs can be a great choice for you.

Some options like The Orb: 20″ Single Hose Acrylic Hookah are great for people that are just starting out. This hookah masterpiece is a very nice and respectful hookah that we consider to be value for money. Also, it has the ability to support more than one hoses.

Other options like The Blizzard: 31″ Single Hose Hookah and The Frost: 31″ Single Hose Hookah are perfect for demanding and experienced users. All of these hookahs offer the ability to increase the number of their hoses so they are a great long-term investment.

On the other hand, if you prefer smaller hookahs then you can go for the 8″ Mikro Mya and 11″ Mya Bambino which are considered to be very small but powerful hookahs. Nevertheless, there are many options available in between. Have a look at and you will find yours in no time.

Where to get Your Mya Hookah Today!

We completely trust and support Therefore, we suggest that you purchase you Mya Saray hookah from them. You will know for sure that you are getting the right thing with excellent support in the case that you are not completely satisfied with your order. Mya Hookahs have been satisfying hookah lovers for over 40 years. It is a safe choice to make and get yours.

As a thank you for their Clients, Southsmoke offers some FREEBIES in all of their Mya Hookah orders. The provide for FREE:

  • Carrying Case or Retail Style Box
  • Mya Rubber Grommets
  • Premium hookah tongs
  • Washable Hose

Also, they do provide a FREE Shipping on orders of $95 or more. The Free shipping applies to Domestic only shipping.

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