Best Hookah Flavors 2019 – Best Shisha and Brands

After the success of our recent blog post “The Five Most Popular Hookah Flavors,” we decided to put together a detailed guide regarding the best hookah flavors (hookah flavors are also known as shisha). If you are following our blog so far, you are probably a friend of a hookah that wants to have the best quality premium smoking experience with the best hookah tobacco and the best shisha brands.

Best Shisha or just a personal choice?

When it comes to choosing a hookah flavor, 99% of the times depend on the personal preferences of the smoker. However, there are some flavors available that seem to be liked by all (or nearly all) hookah users. We identified this when hanging around with different people, and all seemed to like the same flavors. That got us thinking – what are the 13 best hookah flavors? This guide is not only based on our personal experience and thinking but also, we tested them with multiple hookah lovers. Continue with reading the list below. We are sure that you are already familiar with most of the flavors. In case that something surprises you or you want to note something, feel free to leave some comments at the end of the article!

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Best Shisha Flavors

Shisha NameImageBuy at the best price available:Shisha BrandFlavor CategoryRating
Watermelon with MintBuy Now at the best priceAl FakherFruits4.8/5
Blue MistBuy Now at the Best PriceStar BuzzFruity4.6/5
Absolute ZeroSocial Amok Absolute Zero ShishaBuy Now at the Best PriceSocial SmokeFresh Flavors4.5/5
White Gummi BearGummt Bear Shisha Flavor made by FumariBuy Now at the Best PriceFumariGummy Bear Flavor4.4/5
Double AppleBuy Now at the Best PriceAl FakherFruits4.4/5
Pirate’s CaveStarbuzz - Pirates Cave - Green Hookah FlavorBuy Now at the Best PriceStarbuzzCandy4.3/5
Double AppleNakhla Double Apple flavorBuy Now at the Best PriceNakhlaFruits4.4/5
Noir Cane MintA different flavor - Tangiers Noir Cane MintBuy Now at the Best PriceTangiersMint4.4/5
MintMint by Al FakherBuy Now from SouthsmokeAl FakherMint4.3/5
AmbrosiaAmbrosia Fumari Shisha TobaccoBuy Now - SouthsmokeFumarimarshmallows and fruity with creme flavor4.3/5
Sex on the beachSex On the Beach by StarbuzzBuy Now - SouthsmokeStarbuzzCocktails4.3/5

Best Hookah Flavors – Let’s see the list:

These are the best shisha flavors:

  • Al Fakher Shisha Flavors – Watermelon with Mint
  • Starbuzz – Blue Mist
  • Social Smoke – Absolute Zero
  • Fumari – White Gummi Bear
  • Al Fakher – Double Apple
  • Starbuzz – Pirate’s Cave
  • Nakhla – Double Apple
  • Tangiers Noir Cane Mint
  • Al Fakher – Mint
  • Fumari Ambrosia Shisha Tobacco
  • Starbuzz – Sex on the beach
  • Starbuzz – Apple Americano
  • Starbuzz – Flower power

See the full break down of the best shisha list:

Al Fakher Shisha Flavors – Watermelon with Mint

This brand is one of the most original and remarkable shishas, coming straight from the United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher shisha flavors are one of the most known brands. Many hookah lovers love this specific brand because of its quality. It is mid to high-grade shisha with perfect taste. A 250gr package can produce up to 20 hookah bowls.

The Watermelon with Mint Al Fakher Shisha tobacco is a remarkable smooth, light flavor. It is fruity with a light mint taste. The smell is great. The taste, however, could be a bit stronger.

Al Fakher Hookah Shisha Flavors - Watermelon with Mint

The Famous Al Fakher Watermelon Combined with Mint Flavor

Starbuzz – Blue Mist – One of the best shisha flavors available

Blue Mist is the flagship hookah flavor of the company called Starbuzz. Nowadays, it seems like Blue Mist is the favorite product for hookah users. It is on the A-list of many veterans but newbies as well.

Specifically, Blue Mist is a mix of delicious sweet blueberries with fresh mint. It is an excellent option for someone who is first starting to smoke. If you are a hookah user who did not try this flavor so far, I highly suggest that you do so. You will come back with me saying “What did I miss al this time?!!”.

My friend that has been lighting up the hookah ever since his father introduced him to it once said:

“Once you try the Blue Mist, it stays with you for life!”

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Starbuzz - Blue Mist Hookah Flavor

Starbuzz – Blue Mist is one of the best flavors available.

Social Smoke – Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero offers up a delightful blend of peppermint and winter-fresh flavors. Although there is a chocolate aroma when you open the can, that flavor does not come through in the flavor of this hookah tobacco. Social Smoke is produced in the United States using high-quality ingredients (no artificial dyes or coloring) and the most delicate unwashed tobacco leaves from their supplier in Germany. Some mints are great mixers; however, we suggest that you smoke this one on its own due to its unique and robust flavor. It is probably the best icy cold mint flavor out there. If you are a fan of frosty mint chewing gum that gives you that cooling sensation in your mouth and throat, this must-try flavor. Mix with almost any other flavor in the world to get a fantastic cooling throat hit with every puff.

Social Amok Absolute Zero Shisha


Fumari – White Gummi Bear

One of the most popular flavor from Fumari. The aroma and flavor of this hookah tobacco evoke a sweet pineapple and citrus mix that perfectly recreates that excellent white gummi bear flavor. This is a flavor that everyone should try out at least once. The most commonly used mixer flavor is going to be Mint. It chills and cools the citrus flavors of the White Gummi Bear making for a refreshing blend of citrusy mint. To get a little more creative, we recommend sprinkling in a healthy pinch of Watermelon to give the flavor a different kick to it. If you want to get real crazy, mix a bit of watermelon and mint.


Gummt Bear Shisha Flavor made by Fumari

Al Fakher – Double Apple

Al Fakher Double Apple is famous for its sweet flavor. Unlike, Al Fakher Apple, the Double Apple flavor blends the licorice taste with a sweet one. Because of this, many Hookah smokers find this flavor very appealing. Some even say that this is a good flavor for Hookah beginners.

Double apple hookah tobacco by Al Fakher

Starbuzz – Pirate’s Cave

If you like the taste of lemon-lime soda, then Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave is the perfect Hookah flavor for you. Its sweet flavor is mixed with the taste of hard candy is what makes it the fifth favorite flavor of many. A lot of people like this flavor because of the mellow lemon aroma it produces when it is smoked. The smell also gives a fresh lemon atmosphere.

Starbuzz - Pirates Cave - Green Hookah Flavor

Nakhla – Double Apple

The Double Apple flavor seems to be a favorite flavor for having two brands in the top six favorite hookah flavors. Nakhla’s version of this flavor, however, is more patronized then Al Fakher’s version. This is because Nakhla has a more natural double apple flavor than Al Fakher. Its Double Apple flavor is much sweeter and lighter than the other brands. Many people find Al Fakher Double Apple a little more chemical-like than natural but it is still considered by many as one of the best hookah flavors.

Nakhla Double Apple flavor

This double apple flavor is an alternative to the Al Fakher one.

Tangiers Noir Cane Mint

Tangiers is a well-known Hookah flavor brand that everyone loves. Its smoking procedure is entirely different from most Hookah brands since it has a specific bowl to use. Its most notable and preferred flavor is the Cane Mint. This flavor is similar in taste to peppermint. This is the most recommended flavor, to begin with when taking Tangiers Noir.

A different flavor - Tangiers Noir Cane Mint

Al Fakher – Mint

Now for the best of the best flavors, Al Fakher takes that place. When it comes to mint flavored Shishas, Al Fakher mint is the best. Its mint flavor is the most authentic among all brands. Other brands may have a mint flavor, but many customers find their version too fresh, too high or even too light. Al Fakher is not only a perfect hookah tobacco on its own, but also it complements other shisha flavors when mixed.

Mint by Al Fakher

Mint is a great standalone but also a perfect-when-combined shisha.

Fumari Ambrosia Shisha Tobacco

Ambrosia Fumari Shisha Tobacco perfectly captures the sweet essence of a good Ambrosia salad. The flavor of this hookah tobacco is centered around the sweet and sticky taste of marshmallows, with layers of succulent, creamy orange and juicy melon thrown into the mix. This shisha is one of our best sellers, and rightly so.

Ambrosia Fumari Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz – Sex on the beach

It is a take on the famous cocktail with the same name. Many shisha brands have attempted to capture the taste and essence of favorite cocktails in shisha form, and this is one of the best and most popular attempts. If you have never had a Sex on the Beach cocktail before, expect and a tropical and fruity mix of pineapple, orange, cranberry, and pomegranate. Very refreshing and quite enjoyable for all types of smokers.

Sex On the Beach by Starbuzz

Starbuzz – Apple Americano

This Starbuzz shisha flavor is yet another take on a prevalent hookah tobacco flavor. The present is the signature combination of apple and anise aromas, and Starbuzz’s usual juicy cut. The flavor is pleasant and subtle, kind of an ice tea experience with woody undertones, and of course, you’ll be puffing out the vast clouds all Starbuzz products are famous for.

Apple American by Starbuzz

Starbuzz Apple Americano is a different variation of apple flavored shishas

Starbuzz – Flower power

This hookah flavor smelled of Skittles, but with a citrus-floral flavor, Flower Power Starbuzz hookah shisha may just touch your inner hippie. For those who enjoy floral flavors, this shisha tobacco is worth a try. Quite different than most other rose and jasmine shisha on the market, this mixture has a medium level of sweetness, good longevity, and excellent smoke density. Expect a medium to finely cut tobacco mixture with a good amount of juice.

Flower Power by Starbuzz

Flower Power is another hookah tobacco produced by Starbuzz. This is a unique hookah flavor but not so popular.

Hookah Tobacco VS health

Best hookah Flavors VS Health

Now that you are finished reading our guide regarding the best hookah flavors, I would like to add that these mentioned flavors are only my favorites. But no matter how thrilling smoking a Hookah may be, it is still dangerous for our health like cigarettes. Some even say that the effect of Hookah on the body is the same as cigarettes. With that, smoke Hookah and enjoy your hookah flavors at your own risk. Also, keep in mind to always prioritize your health. I hope you enjoy some of the flavors from the top shisha brands!