Best Hookah bowls 2019– The top shisha bowls

How to choose one of the top hookah bowls in 2019

Hookah smoking is for some just a hobby while for others is a way of life! Choosing one of the best hookah bowls something that needs to concern both the hobbyists and the passionate shisha lovers. Although that a hookah bowl may seem like a simple for the inexperienced, it is, in fact, one of the most important elements when it comes to having an excellent shisha smoking experience.

There are a lot of things that can set apart a good hookah bowl from an average or beginner hookah bowls. We are here to help you find the best one and help you decide what your next hookah accessory will be. But before we get there let’s start with the basics.

What is a hookah bowl?

A hookah bowl is the head of the hookah. It is usually made out of clay, marble or glass and it works by holding the shisha beneath the coals. Therefore, the heat will be transferred from the coals to the shisha and then the heated shisha will produce smoke. There are many cases where people are using fruits instead of hookah bowls. In 2019 is very important to use one of the best hookah bowls available in order to avoid any air or liquid leak.

Different shisha bowl types

Over the years and because of the hookah is available in many areas and cultures, multiple hookah bowl types emerged. There are 9 hookah bowl types in total:

  • Egyptian bowls
  • Vortex bowls
  • Phunel bowls
  • AppleOnTop bowl
  • Inverted Bowl
  • Glinder Bowl
  • Crown Bowl
  • Syrian Bowl
  • Electric Bowl

Each one of them has its pros and cons. Let’s see the main specifications of each type of hookah bowl:

  • Egyptian bowls – made from clay or ceramic and have 4-6 holes
  • Vortex bowls – spike in the middle with 4-5 holes on the sides of the spike
  • Phunel bowls – They have an open hole spike in the middle
  • AppleOnTop bowl – Aluminum bowl with a rubber holder. You can hold this with bare hands.
  • Inverted Bowl – Two bowls. On for coals and one for shisha
  • Glinder Bowl – Solves the issue of packing a hookah bowl
  • Crown Bowl – Two bowls. Similar to Inverted bowl but better looking
  • Syrian Bowl – Similar to Egyptian bowls but with a narrower base.
  • Electric Bowl – Electronic hookah bowl does not use any coals because it heats coals with electric power.

What is the most popular hookah bowl type?

It seems like the Egyptian hookah bowl is considered as a standard one. Most of the shisha lovers seem to prefer the Egyptian style bowl because is simple, durable and provides excellent shisha experience. However, many say that using Egyptian bowls lead to reduced session duration because the juice that keeps shisha hydrated runs down the stem.

Now that we have seen the basic bowl information let’s move on to the actual products.


This is a great option for both advanced and newbies. The Hub Rasta hookah bowl is made from silicone and Metal Screen vortex. Therefore, it doesn’t get hot on the sides. This means that you can hold it when it is held. Also, this specific bowl offers the opportunity to use it without having to use aluminum foil Therefor, life is easier here. One of the most important elements of this bowls is that it doesn’t burn your shisha tobacco.


  • Doesn’t Burn the shisha
  • You can hold it while it is hot
  • Beautiful Design
  • You don’t have to use aluminum foil with it
  • Great fit an all hookah types!
  • Very easy to use


  • Its price is higher than other hookah bowls


BudPro Hookah Silicone Phunnel Bowl

This hookah bowl, produced by BudPro aims to take your hookah experience to a whole new level! It comes with many benefits which set this apart from the competition. This bowl has a heat management system and is created to withstand falls. A common issue with clay or ceramic bowls is that if they fall they break. Well, this is not the case with the BudPro Phunnel Bowl. It falls and it doesn’t break! Furthermore, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the product! Well, this is indeed a killer advantage over other bowls!


  • It is made from silicone so it doesn’t break
  • Increase session duration because of the heat management system
  • You don’t have to rotate coals. This gives a relaxed session
  • Quick heating system
  • This bowl is designed to keep the shisha juices from spilling out. It means that the shisha is hydrated and therefore you have a longer session duration.


  • A bit pricey for a head

MYA SARAY – Extra Large Egyptian Bowl

One of the best choices but still very cheap! Who told you that you need to break the bank in order to get a quality shisha bowl? Well, this hookah head from Mya Saray is completely the opposite to expensive! It costs less than $10 and still is one of the best Egyptian hookah bowls that you can get! Mya Saray is a very good hookah brand. Therefore, we expect the same quality from their bowls.


  • Stylish standard bowl
  • Fits over the hookah stem pieces
  • Mya Saray brand quality
  • Egyptian Style bowl


  • Not many are using this one
  • It is old school

Hookah Bowl Set – Silicone Phunnel Hookah Bowl + Charcoal Holder

This can be considered as the low-end alternative of BudPro Hookah Silicone Phunnel Bowl. Still this product is pretty good since it also comes with a charcoal holder. Therefore you get the hookah wind cover as well.


  • Comes with hoohah wind cover
  • Heat management system that keeps the tobacco at the right temperature
  • Shisha stays hydrated when using this hookah bowl
  • Fall resistant
  • Quick Heating system
  • Excellent price!


  • Many consider the BudPro version as a better choice!

Apple on Top Hookah Bowl (Black)

This AppleOnTop Hookah bowl may be a bit pricey but is one of the very best hookah bowls that you can get. It comes with a great design that you do not get to often see and it delivers a great hookah session experience.


  • Great Design
  • Shisha tends to last longer when using the Apple on the top bowl
  • It can be easily handled
  • You can very easily clean it


  • Burns coals faster than other hookah heads
  • It takes it a bit more time than other bowls to warm up

Closing thoughts:

As you saw there are many products to choose from. Some of these products are very simple to use while others come with technology on them. However, it is up to you to choose a product that will allow you ta have a pleasant session. Choosing one of the best hookah bowls that we talked about is a sure choice that you are not going to ever regret!